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I was organising a Hen party for my beautiful sister in law to be when I came across the Totally Brilliant Company. I have never been so grateful for Katie and the rest of the team.

Just over a month before we were setting off to Benalmàdena, I contacted the page to ask if they could hold a Cocktail Class. Katie got back to me straight away with lots of details of the different activities that they had! I booked a Cocktail class and a Prosecco brunch.

Katie kept in contact with me regularly to keep me updated making the whole planning experience stress free! Any problem or query that I had was dealt with so efficiently. On the days coming up to the hen party, two of the hens tested positive for Covid and couldn’t attend. I texted Katie to let her know that there would be changes to the size of our group for the activities but it wasn’t a problem to her at all.

I also asked Katie just before arriving in Benalmàdena If she would kindly recommend a nice restaurant that I could bring the bride tribe to. Katie not only did that but went out of her way to organise a reservation at a lovely little Thai restaurant which we all really enjoyed and then taxis back to Mombasa Puerto Marina.

On the first night after eating at the Thai restaurant, Katie had organised us to get taxis to Mombasa. When we arrived at Mombasa we were greeted by the owner and the rest of his team! They were all so welcoming and really great fun. When it came to paying for drinks we were given a discounted price.

We returned to Mombasa again on the second evening when we were all greeted at the door again for the cocktail class. From the get go we were up dancing, laughing and having the best time playing different games. All of the staff at Mombasa were getting involved in the fun and making sure everyone had their turn to compete in who could make the best cocktail!!

The same night, it was one of the hens birthdays. I had briefly mentioned this to one of the girls working the night before who then went and organised a cake to be brought out to the birthday girl during the Cocktail class!!

The following day we went down to O’Neills for the Prosecco brunch. Here we were greeted again by the lovely Katie with a lovely little table set up. The food and service were both very good with lots of Prosecco which cured all of our hangovers from the night before.

At the brunch, we asked Katie again for a recommendation for dinner. She went out of her way again to organise us a reservation for a gorgeous little Italian restaurant that overlooked the Marina.

After the dinner for our last night, we headed to our favourite bar Mombasa for more cocktails, shots and dancing. We all had the best time and have made some amazing memories!!

There is honestly not one thing that I could fault about the Totally Brilliant Company. From start to finish the whole experience was very easy and 100% worth the money. I would highly recommend that you get in contact with the page if you are ever coming to Benalmàdena as a group.
As well as that, I would highly recommend visiting Mombasa, O’Neills and Molly Malones as the staff are so friendly, welcoming and are always making sure that everyone is having fun!

Thanks again for having us! We would love to come back😁

X Lots of Love ❤️

Aimée Andrews,

the bride to be Rachel and the rest of the bride tribe ♥️🥂😘


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