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Sail, swim, drink, dance, laugh and make your memories TODAY!

The beauty of the sea, cool long drinks and perfect finger food or snacks can be included in the hourly cost and almost more wet and wild fun than you can handle!

We work only with very high quality and professionally operated vessels, with Crew that have many years of experience in offering their passengers a voyage to remember with emphasis on memory making, so look no further!

Book here for your very own Private Party Charter and know you are in the very best hands!

Your Private Boat Charter

Another next level party event!!
Ladies, be seated at your beautifully decorated table.
Welcome glass of delicious Fizz and a scrumptious personalized menu and so much more!!
Starter Dishes; Prepared for sharing making the start of the evening the way it is designed to continue, bringing your group together, to indulge and celebrate and most importantly get fun flowing!
Main Course; Is a plate of delicious food per person chosen from a fabulous Meat and Fish Menu. ( please tell us in advance if you have any dietary requirements). All products are of the highest quality.
Dessert is also for sharing; Chef brings the table elegant and tantalizing sweet treats with plenty of spoons!
To keep the mood with after-dinner shots and then ….. Post your delicious, super tasty foodie experience, continue with a night of VIP treatment in your very own VIP lounge where beautifully prepared Cocktails are served to you by your super Cheeky Waiter!!
Your first amazing Cocktail is one of our signature mixes and is included in the cost of your experience, either an amazing Pornstar Martini, super classic Sex On The Beach or a dam good Dirty Banana!!
Then as you go you can order for yourself from our beautifully crafted mixology list and have your Cheeky new friend run a silent tab until you are ready to end your evening.
Your night ends when you choose! Your waiter and professional staff are there to serve you and your every wish is our command! You are gonna love this decadent and super scrumptious event ! Feel special, feel luxury, get spoilt! A whole night of super sensory fun!

Ladies VIP

A Fantastic Day!
We are so lucky at Brilliant Costa to work with some of the very best service suppliers here on the Costa Del Sol.
We also love to experience first hand what we offer to our Clients, we always like to ensure that the quality of experience is there for them to fully Enjoy!
So today, I was very lucky to take part in our fantastic new Wine and Olive Oil Tasting experience;
This really is a FANTASTIC Tour, not only of the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of Malaga, filled with stunning vineyards and olive groves but also the overflowing and expert knowledge from an incredible tour guide. This tour literally leaves you mesmerized with extraordinary and wonderful pieces of Spanish History and simply fascinating facts.
A drive to a magical destination with strangers that quickly become friends, breathing in beautiful mountain air, learning all about grapes and olives and what makes the best of everything taste and smell as amazing as it does and then to be able to enjoy a delicious selection of beautiful wines and olive oils, accompanied with tasty tapas and excellent company, what a day!
I can confirm that I am thrilled and satisfied to offer this to my clients as a perfect new and exciting addition, in the knowledge that they will be left as impressed and satisfied as I and my fellow explorers were today!
You will Love it!!

Delicious Wine
& Olive Oil Tasting Experience.

Welcome glass of Cava Cortese is just the start of your perfect day!
Be waited on while you sunbathe on your beautiful lounger and take unlimited dips in the amazing sparkling pool.
Snack on beautiful and delish unique canapés prepared for you by Chef.
A Delicious Cocktail too! How amazing!
This perfect Pool Day is designed for you to have fun and chill all at the same time!
If you wish you can continue your day at the outdoor Cocktail Bar or enjoy a fantastic meal at the beautifully decorated and perfectly situated Restaurant.
Your Pool Day is super popular and comes with a fantastic package of amazing treats;
Such a great day!


Day and Night;
Chill and enjoy with truly fantastic beach, bar and table service;
Luxury sun-loungers, the perfect personal service, feel super pampered.
Delicious dining, catch that amazing sea breeze and breathe in the delights of each dish. Simply stunning cocktails and a magical, exciting and totally unique atmosphere.
Mezmerizing dancers decorate the vista with their poetic skills and international DJ´S fill the air with tunes to make every BODY move!
Boho chic, with a rich Ibiza vibe.
This location is perfect for every celebration, Groups, Weddings, Birthdays!
The perfect setting designed for making perfect memories.
Make your Reservation for the best Beach Club on the Coast right here!
Enjoy your very own tailored VIP experience!

All the excitement, fun and beauty of the most incredible and exclusive, next-level Beach Party Bar and Club.

The Most Crazy, Fun Cocktail Parties On The Coast!

Super delish Cocktails, with tuition, amazing fun, great audience participation, drinking and dancing games. All with a twist!
Professionally organised events, perfect venue with amazing music and the emphasis on fun, fun, fun!

This is not your “run of the mill” Cocktail Class
with your FRIENDS !!

Bride made to feel super special.
Suitable for group sizes 7 – enormous!!!
WhatsApp for more Info
+34 698 801 194

Beautiful and Boozy. Prosecco Brunch

Start or end your trip with a generous and totally amazingly and super tasty Prosecco Brunch.
Lap up the atmosphere of your perfect destination, enjoy great waiter service ( cheeky if preferred) beautiful food and continuously flowing sweet freshly squeezed orange juice and buckets of FIZZ!
Menu caters for most all dietary requirements where possible but please when you take a look let us know if there is something missing for you. Large and small breakfasts of all kinds or seasonal fruit alternatives we know you are going to Love it!
Table beautifully decorated and prepared for your arrival.
A brilliant event which runs for a generous length of time for you to fully enjoy the experience.
Caters for any group size, large or small. Pre-Orders taken for efficient service and so you just focus on the most important stuff!
We make it perfect!

Cocktail Party & Prosecco Brunch

Handmade and Delicious

We take care of the decoration of any chosen venue in the style, colour and to-budget required.
Beautiful, jaw-dropping decorations simply amplify a celebration and can make the most of any photo opportunity, making locations and memories even more special!!


We take care of the decoration of any chosen venue in the style, colour and to-budget required.
Beautiful, jaw-dropping decorations simply amplify a celebration and can make the most of any photo opportunity, making locations and memories even more special!!

Amazing Personalised
Cakes & Decorations

What Is Deep Sea & Off-Shore Fishing?

Deep sea fishing is all about being out in the open sea, away from the shore, surrounded and absorbed by the beauty, tranquillity, excitement and purity of nature.

You will be chasing after the bigger fish and fish native to deeper waters, as this style of fishing catches you the best prizes and trophies that amazing memories are made of!

Deep Sea Fishing delivered as spectacular Charter Fishing Trips. Captained and crewed by professionals for your peace of mind and for the best results!

Group sea fishing charters let you have the expertise, equipment, and boat all to yourselves!

These trips could take you fishing for anything from Mackerel to Tuna, and everything in between and beyond!

What Do You Get?

On board, you will be supplied with a variety of rods and reels that are suitable for the various fish you could be catching. This equipment is the real deal!

Deep sea fishing reels are usually much bigger than normal as the fish you will be targeting are not only big, they are also strong, and fast! But the crew will guide your every move so you can be sure of the best all around experience.

Drinks, Food and Equipment are included in the cost of your Charter.

Also makes for great team building, some fun off days from your Golf and is amazing fun and simply the coolest day trip with mates EVER!!

Incredible Fishing Trips